About ZAP Surgical

The Problem

Every year an estimated five million patients worldwide are potential candidates for stereotactic radiosurgery. Yet with the significant costs and complexities of historical SRS delivery, only 200,000 patients receive such treatment.

Our Vision

Make world-class SRS accessible to the millions who currently lack access.

Our Values

Respect for All

Respect runs deep. At its core, it is the lifeblood of the people of ZAP working in concert to give more than they take. To honor each other in fairness and reverence for the processes and products we create together in delivering on our Mission.


Our vision is focused on treating patients — our ultimate customer. Treating more of them. More effectively. This is our fixation: delivering on a pledge to continuously innovate on a more accessible clinical application of patient-centered design.

Startup Mindset

ZAP culture is about yes — a fast-paced, can-do commitment to inventing a new future for radiosurgery. We ask the right questions early and often to land on solutions leading to best-in-class technology. We call this intelligent risk for human reward.

Leading by Example

We do what others never dream for those who never thought it possible. Because human health is not a market. It’s an outcome. It’s tangible. Here, it’s our relentless act of doing by those who inspire others to do the same. Together, with the clarity of experience.

Hitting Our Marks

Our expectations are different from others. We set our sights on what needs to be done. Only then do we identify what it will take. Setting the bar this high requires confidence. Tenacity. Hard work. And at ZAP, we won’t quit until it’s done.

ZAP was founded by John R. Adler, Jr., MD, renowned stereotactic radiosurgery pioneer and Emeritus Dorothy & TK Chan Professor of Neurosurgery and Radiation Oncology at Stanford University. Focused on finding smarter brain care solutions for physicians and patients, Dr. Adler invented the CyberKnife® Radiosurgery System prior to developing the ZAP-X platform.

Today, ZAP is a team of clinical and industry experts motivated by a single question: Can an advanced surgical robot address the limitations of the past to deliver potentially life-saving SRS to more people in more places? We believe it can. We believe the ZAP-X platform defines what’s next in radiosurgery for the brain.

Portlrait of Dr. John Adler

John R. Adler, Jr., MD

Founder and CEO
Portrait of Derek T. DeScioli

Derek T. DeScioli

Chief Operating Officer
Portrait of Kristine Gagliardi

Kristine Hayes Gagliardi

Chief Strategy Officer
Portrait of Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen

Chief Financial Officer
Portrait of Bret Schneider

Bret Schneider, MD

Chief Medical Officer
Portrait of Mark Arnold

Mark Arnold

Senior Vice President, Marketing
Portrait of Jinhua Yang

Jinhua Yang

President, ZAP Surgical China

Shungo Matori, MBA

President, ZAP Surgical Japan LLC
Portlrait of Hakan Baraner

Hakan Baraner

Senior Vice President of Sales, EIMEA
Portrait of Chris Pegano

Chris Pegano

Senior Vice President of Sales, Americas
Portrait of Alex Maslowski

Alex Maslowski, PhD

Vice President, Software

Robert Wiggers

Vice President, Hardware Engineering
Portrait of Rob Cessac

Rob Cessac

Director, Clinical Operations
Portrait of Robert Starr

Robert (Bob) Starr

Vice President, Human Resources