ZAP-X Gyroscopic Radiosurgery


For the first time ever, ZAP-X presents the ideal platform to cost-effectively reach more patients in more places and effectively build an acclaimed clinical brand among both referring physicians and patients.


Creative Department Expansions

ZAP-X’s vault-free design enables the simple conversion of lobby space, meeting rooms, break rooms, etc. to visually showcase and position your center as an SRS center-of-excellence.


Suburban and Rural Community Hospitals

ZAP-X enables the possible migration of SRS beyond the urban hospital and brings world-class radiosurgery to communities which often previously lacked access.


Novel Outpatient Settings

Enhance patient convenience with ZAP-X and reach underserved patient populations via lower-cost non-hospital and outpatient locations.


KOL Thought Leadership

Representing the latest innovations in advanced radiosurgery, ZAP-X often provides sites with significant media interest and offers clinicians exceptional opportunities to present, publish, and demonstrate SRS thought leadership.

LOWERING Total Cost of Ownership

Removing the financial constraints that have historically concentrated world-class radiosurgery primarily among the well-funded urban academic hospital, the novel innovations of ZAP-X expand SRS access and introduce new benchmarks in cost-efficient, high-quality care.

As the first and only vault-free SRS delivery system, ZAP-X eliminates the requirement of 2-3M pounds of high-density concrete and steel for shielded radiation bunker construction, and ~$1M+ USD in infrastructure expense.

Utilizing a modern 1500MU/min linear accelerator, ZAP-X eliminates the recurring ~$1M USD cost for live radioactive source replacements and removes the related overhead expense for arduous regulatory licensing and source security.

Putting Patients First WIth
No-Compromise SRS

Developed exclusively for the streamlined treatment of brain tumors, lesions, and other conditions of the head and neck, ZAP-X® Gyroscopic Radiosurgery® platform redefines the future of radiosurgery and aspires to set new standards in SRS delivery.

Exquisite 3D Dose Gradient

Minimizing 3D Dose Gradient

To simultaneously optimize dose fall-off and conformality, ZAP-X’s dual independent gantries allow for an unparalleled spherical workspace and simple delivery of >1000 unique non-coplanar beam angles – not as an exception, but as routine clinical practice.

Low Collimation Leakage

Reducing Radiation Leakage

Utilizing a tungsten-shielded circular collimation system, ZAP-X lowers radiation leakage to less than 0.002% of the primary beam. Compared to the 3.00% maximum potential leakage of multi-purpose platforms, ZAP-X aims to strictly limit healthy brain exposure and lower the risk of inducing patient neurocognitive deficit.

Minimal Radiation Scatter

Decreasing Radiation Scatter

ZAP-X is exclusively designed to significantly reduce non-therapeutic dose to adjacent critical structures. Unlike the high-scatter 6-10 MV beam energies commonplace with multi-purpose radiation delivery platforms, ZAP-X is tailor-made for SRS with a 3 MV beam (approximate equivalent to the 1.25 MeV beam of Co-60). 

Extremely Sharp Penumbra

Sharpening Beam Penumbra

The SRS-only design of ZAP-X allows for an unprecedented linac source-axis distance (SAD) of 45 cm – reducing beam penumbra by ~50% from the 100 cm SAD typical of full-body radiation platforms. The potential benefit: less dose to the eyes, optic nerves, brain stem, and other organs at-risk.

ZAP-X Platform

Clinical Resources

The ZAP-X® Gyroscopic Radiosurgery® platform was FDA cleared in 2017 and began first patient treatments in 2019. Since its inception various peer-reviewed, open-access publications have documented the unique technical details of the ZAP-X platform.
Precision radiosurgery of the past often required a trade-off between treatment quality and treatment time. With ZAP-X gyroscopic radiosurgery, clinicians and their patients receive the optimal balance of both.
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Meet ZAP-X

Built for radiosugery. Built for the brain.

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Clinician Testimonial

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Neurosurgery of the future will be more and more technology-based. The ZAP-X technology, as it is dedicated for brain treatments, will play a big role here. It will change the future algorithms for neuro treatments in general, because it is an easy and effective tool …
Prof. Dr. Med. Alexander Muacevic
European Radiosurgery Center (ERC) Munich, Germany
Interview with Prof. Dr. Med. Alexander Muacevic
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