Advancing Access

ZAP-X, from its inception, was developed to expand best-in-class SRS access to the millions of potential global patients who currently lack access. By reducing the costs and complexities of prior delivery technologies, ZAP-X is now installed in both academic and community hospitals, as well as ground-breaking outpatient settings previously considered infeasible.

Advancing access for all.

Department Expansions

European Radiosurgery Center

Considered among the world’s most accomplished SRS providers using both Co-60 and robotic radiosurgery platforms, ERCM looked to free-up essential extracranial capacity on their other delivery systems by developing a dedicated ZAP-X SRS service line. The result: an impressive floor-to-ceiling glass treatment suite that simply expanded beyond the perimeter of the original building.

Clinician Testimonial

Neurosurgery of the future will be more and more technology-based. The ZAP-X technology, as it is dedicated for brain treatments, will play a big role here. It will change the future algorithms for neuro treatments in general, because it is an easy and effective tool …
Prof. Dr. Alexander Muacevic, MD
Medical Director,
European Radiosurgery Center (ERC)
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MedStar Georgetown Cancer Institute

World-renowned for their advanced development in the field of robotic radiosurgery, MedStar Georgetown Cancer looked to improve patient access and reduce costs-of-care by expanding SRS beyond the large urban hospital in central Washington D.C. to their satellite hospital in suburban Clinton, Maryland.

Clinician Testimonial

Considering the small platform (…) and the fact it doesn’t require shielding really helps to reach more smaller, rural communities. To bring technology to people there so they don’t have to come to big cities for treatment.”

Dalong Pang, Ph.D.
Chief of Physics
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
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Bonifatius Hospital

As a small community healthcare provider in rural Lower Saxony, Bonifatius Hospital brought access to world-class radiosurgery to their local community via ZAP-X. Prior to ZAP-X, the nearest SRS facility was more than 2.5 hours away.

Clinician Testimonial

During the pandemic, sites that have something special, those places have survived (…) Those places have been able to acquire more patients. Those places have been able to gather around medical and personal excellence. And if you’re able to [commission] something like a ZAP-X, a dedicated radiosurgical device in a place like ours, you’ve placed a lighthouse.

Prof. (UCPY) Dr. (PY) Peter Douglas Klassen

Head Physician, ZAP-X Center
Bonifatius Hospital

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Innovative Outpatient Settings

Utsunomiya Neurospine Center

Located within the Utsunomiya bullet train station complex, Utsunomiya Neurospine Center ushered in a new era of patient access and convenience, offering patients from both near and far SRS treatments without having to enter the congested city center or crowded distant hospital.
The ZAP-X radiosurgery platform installation at Utsunomiya Neurospine Center in Japan
A group of people pose in front of the ZAP-X radiosurgery platform at the Utsunomiya Neurospine Center

Swiss Neuro Radiosurgery Center

Unable to source or host live radioactive Co-60 sources due to tightening local laws and regulations, SNRC launched their dedicated ZAP-X SRS program in June 2021 and currently serves patients across Western and Eastern Europe.

Clinician Testimonial

So the complete procedure, beginning with the consultation, having the imaging, having the planning, having the therapy itself and the follow-up later on, all facing the same team and all under one roof—that gives a feeling of special comfort to the patient.
Andreas Mack, Ph.D

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Swiss Neuro Radiosurgery Center (SNRC)

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Installation Sites
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