Patient Resources

ZAP-X® Patient Brochure

A guide for patients and their families to better understand an advanced new treatment for brain cancer and other cranial conditions

Being the first groundbreaking radiosurgery technology to emerge in nearly 50 years, ZAP-X aims to establish pioneering benchmarks in surgical robotics, the safety and effectiveness of radiosurgery, and the overall comfort and convenience of patients.

First in Man

The award-winning short film documenting the first patient treated with ZAP-X

Bill Richardson is a pioneer. Following multiple surgeries for aggressive brain tumors and infections, he is a unique host for an increasingly familiar enemy. He’s not one to invite trouble. But after each tumor is cut away, another bares its deadly teeth.

So what if the knives were put away? What if a radical new treatment could bring hope for millions? It would require an explorer. An adventurer. Someone willing to go first.

With the world-renowned clinical team at Barrow Brain & Spine, and a specialized robot called ZAP-X, Bill finds himself on a road never before traveled. One that could unlock the key to survival.

Movie post for First in Man documentary
Multiple film festival awards