Alex Maslowski, PhD

Vice President, Software
Portrait of Alex Maslowski

With over 20 years of experience developing scientific software tools for medical devices, Alex Maslowski brings a wealth of expertise to his Software leadership role at ZAP Surgical and a passion for innovating how we deliver patient care.

Alex holds BS and Ph.D. degrees in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M University. He specialized in computational physics, distributed computing, and algorithm development for radiation models. After completing his studies, Alex joined Transpire Inc, a startup that Los Alamos National Laboratory staff founded to develop dosimetry and imaging models for radiotherapy applications. The Transpire team designed, developed, and delivered the Acuros line of tools later acquired by Varian Medical Systems and integrated into the Eclipse platform.

In 2014, Alex formally joined the Eclipse team with Varian’s acquisition of Transpire. At Varian, Alex became known for his drive to deliver simple medical devices that focus on solving problems for clinicians and patients. Alex later led Eclipse’s technology department, focusing on treatment planning and physics algorithms, machine learning, and cloud computing components.