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Understanding SRS Reimbursement Trends: Past, Present & Future

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Portrait of James E. Hugh III

James E. Hugh III, MHA, CHBME, ROCC®

American Medical Accounting and Consulting (AMAC), Marietta, Georgia, USA

James E. Hugh III, MHA, CHBME, ROCC®, serves as Senior Vice President of American Medical Accounting and Consulting, Inc. (AMAC®). AMAC® handles all issues regarding documentation, EHR, compliance, coding, and reimbursement and provides full-service billing and claims processing services, practice management, training for clinical, administrative and coding staff, reporting for reimbursement projections to standard Roadmaps™, medical record review and consulting in radiation oncology and medical oncology. He has been professionally involved with billing and coding for radiation oncology for over 27 years. He has published 30+ articles and books concerning billing and coding. In addition to his publications, he has given hundreds of talks. He earned his University of South Florida and his M.S. in Healthcare Policy & Administration at Mercer University.

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