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RSS Webinar: Vault-Free, Cobalt-Free Radiosurgery – ZAP-X Clinical Experience at SNRC, Zurich

Presented By

Andreas Mack, PhD

Funder and Chief Executive Officer, SNRC, Zurich

In June 2021, the Swiss Neurosurgery Center in Zurich, was the first and only center in Switzerland to adopt the vault-free, cobalt-free radiosurgery system – ZAP-X®. The technology uses the beam geometry of the commonly used Gamma Knife but is equipped with a modern – gyroscopically mounted – linac, thus avoiding radioactive material. Instead of using a stereotactic frame, patients wear a masque and the skull is tracked by stereoscopic images (x-rays) and modern algorithms. This technology is ideal for small-volume, benign and malignant tumors and for vascular malformations deep in the brain.

During this webinar, Dr. Andreas Mack, PhD, will discuss the technological features of the ZAP-X® and the clinical experience at the Swiss Neuro Radiosurgery Center.

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