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Radiosurgery for Arteriovenous Malformations

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Portrait of Constantin Tuleasca, MD-PhD

Constantin Tuleasca, MD-PhD

Neurosurgery, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Lille, France

Constantin Tuleasca, MD-PhD, is a Swiss Certified neurosurgeon (FMH) after fulfilling his neurosurgical residency in Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV). In 2018, he graduated the MD-PhD program of the University of Lausanne (Unil), Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM). Dr Tuleasca is impassioned by image-guided neurosurgery and particularly by radiosurgery and intraoperative MRI as an adjunct in modern neuro-oncology. He is a former fellow of Professor Jean Régis (Marseille, CHU Timone, Mai 2010-October 2011, radiosurgery and functional neurosurgery), with whom he shares a long-lasting collaboration. He had been working in radiosurgery over the past 10 years in Marseille, Lausanne (his place of training, with Professor Levivier) and currently in Lille, France (with Professor Reyns, during a neuro-oncology and epilepsy fellowship, while pursuing a Gamma Knife activity). For his research, he has received numerous prizes, including: (1) the Excellence Prize of the University of Lausanne (2019), (2) Best Acta Neurochirurgica paper in Functional Neurosurgery for his work on visual extrastriate cortex involvement in tremor generation and further arrest after ventro-intermediate nucleus radiosurgery for tremor (2019), (3) Best Acta Neurochirurgica paper in Radiosurgery for his work on combined approaches in vestibular schwannomas (2018), (4) Auguste Secrétan Prize of the French Academy of Medicine (2015) for his contribution in the radiosurgical treatment of trigeminal neuralgia or (5) the International Radiosurgery Society Young Professional Award (Toronto, 2013).

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