Upcoming: Installation of Novel Non-Invasive Brain Tumor Treatment System in Munich

European CyberKnife Center to be among the first providers in the world to offer the latest advance in Gyroscopic Radiosurgery.

ZAP Surgical Systems, Inc. today announced the upcoming installation of its advanced ZAP-X® Gyroscopic Radiosurgery® platform at the European CyberKnife® Center in Munich, Germany. Having recently received CE-clearance for clinical use in Europe, the installation will be among the first ZAP-X systems in the world. Considered as one of the most accomplished global stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) providers, the European CyberKnife Center plans to initiate ZAP-X patient treatments in summer 2021.

As a non-invasive treatment for select brain tumors and brain metastases, SRS is a well-studied and proven procedure that often provides equivalent or superior outcomes to surgery. Unlike surgery however, radiosurgery requires no incision and is painless.

“The European CyberKnife Center Munich has always prided itself in offering only the most specialized and most advanced therapies available,” said Dr. Alexander Muacevic, Neurosurgeon, Radiosurgeon and Medical Director of the European CyberKnife Center. “The new innovations offered by ZAP-X allow us to continue to provide best-in-class care without compromise.”

“There is a long history of academic collaboration between Dr. Muacevic and myself, and I’m excited that once again our relationship will be focused on radiosurgical innovation,” said Dr. John Adler, CEO and founder of ZAP Surgical, and Emeritus Dorothy & TK Chan Professor of Neurosurgery and Radiation Oncology at Stanford University. “As a world leader in modern radiosurgery, it comes as no surprise that the European CyberKnife Center will be among the first to serve their patients with ZAP-X.”

The ZAP-X system is recognized for using unique gyroscopic motion to direct radiosurgical beams from a multitude of angles which precisely concentrate radiation to the tumor target. With this distinctive approach, radiation doses rapidly dissipate beyond the tumor to help protect adjacent healthy brain tissue.

ZAP-X is also acclaimed for being the first and only vault-free SRS delivery system, thus typically eliminating the need for providers to build costly shielded radiation treatment rooms.

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 About European CyberKnife Center Munich

The European CyberKnife Center Munich is one of the world’s leading centers for radiosurgery. As Germany’s first CyberKnife center it was opened in cooperation with the University Clinic Munich (LMU) on July 1, 2005. Its medical experience is based on more than 10,000 patients treated since 2005. Learn more at


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